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Chris was commissioned to create "FUN Wildlife" stuffed Animals.  SKM was pleasantly surprised with the Fun Stuffed animals but also by giving each of them HEART! This is visable on each and every Stuff animal which Chris created for SKM.


Chris is proud to have over HALF a MILLION works of his art in peoples homes and hanging in private show cases around the world.  Below are some of the Show-Case products Chris has done over the years.


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Direct Shopping Network ( DSNTV.com )  a premier broadcast network invited Chris to be a guest Artist. Some extra surprise was in store for the HOST "Art Garabedian" as Chris brought along a Tiger and Chimp to promote his new Limited Edition Prints.   




One of the Largest Fabric companies in the world took  on Chris's art work to present a NEW Fabric design in a WILDLIFE patterns to be used in products all over the world. Chris had shirts made from the fabric.





Chris had the privilege to design 8 unique Wildlife Bedding designs thru "Arrow Industrial", and was sold and featured in "FINGERHUT' one of the largest Shopping publications for several years. These particular are no longer available but keep your eyes open for a possible new SETS and Designs.   





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Times moves on and great art waits for no man! It was TIME for Chris's art to be there to set your day. Sea Star provides you the ability to enjoy your favorite pet or wildlife on these unique clocks



ChrisThomas Collections

Some art just attracts your attention, as it did for ChrisThomas. He had Chris provide portraits of 37 Breeds of Dogs for the "The Dog Collection of Magnets and Ornaments!









Collector Plates are always "ANIMAL FRIENDLY"!  Chris, provided such an opportunity to some fortunate art enthusiast by commisioning a 3 Plate Limited Edition Collection. The Demand was so well recieved that the Entire Collection was sold out ( over 60,000 Plates ). 






Chris was asked to design and create an exclusive Box Set of Greeting cards for Fernbrook  Cards & Stationary, Inc. With so many wonderful animals to portray, Chris was able to present 16 images which represents the best of his WILD LIFE Art. The Greeting Cards are no longer available.